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  • 關于食物的英語短語

    時間:2020-5-28 作者:admin




      1) 早餐燒餅:Clay oven rolls

      2) 油條:Fried bread stick

      3) 水餃:Boiled dumplings

      4) 饅頭:Steamed buns

      5) 飯團:Rice and vegetable roll

      6) 皮蛋:100-year egg

      7) 咸鴨蛋:Salted duck egg

      8) 豆漿:Soybean milk

      9) 飯類稀飯:Rice porridge

      10) 白飯:Plain white rice

      11) 糯米飯:Glutinous rice

      12) 蛋炒飯:Fried rice with egg

      13) 面類刀削面:Sliced noodles

      14) 麻辣面:Spicy hot noodles

      15) 烏龍面:Seafood noodles

      16) 板條:Flat noodles

      17) 榨菜肉絲面:Pork , pickled mustard green noodles

      18) 米粉:Rice noodles

      19) 湯類紫菜湯:Seaweed soup

      20) 牡蠣湯:Oyster soup

      21) 蛋花湯:Egg & vegetable soup

      22) 魚丸湯:Fish ball soup

      23) 點心臭豆腐:Stinky tofu (Smelly tofu)

      24) 火鍋:Hot pot

      25) 油豆腐:Oily bean curd

      26) 蝦球:Shrimp balls

      27) 春卷:Spring rolls

      28) 蛋卷:Chicken rolls

      29) 肉丸:Rice-meat dumplings


      We present more expressions about food. They are from Elenir Scardueli, a listener in Brazil.

      My mother always told us “there is no use crying over spilled milk.” That means you should notget angry when something bad happens and cannot be changed.

      People said my mother was “a good egg.” She would always help anyone in need.

      We never had to “walk on eggshells” around her — we did not have to be careful about what wesaid or did because she never got angry at us.

      She also told us “you have to break some eggs to make an omelet.” This means you have to dowhat is necessary to move forward.

      My mother believed “you are what you eat”

      – a good diet is important for good health. She wouldalways give us nutritious food. She liked serving us meat and potatoes for dinner.

      “Meat andpotatoes” can also mean the most important part of something. It describes someone who likessimple things.

      Here is another expression about meat:

      “one man’s meat is another man’s poison.” In otherwords, one person might like something very much while another person might hate the samething.

      My father was also a good and honest person. People said he was “the salt of the earth.” He wouldnever “pour salt on a wound”

      – or make someone feel worse about something that was already apainful experience.

      However, sometimes he told us a story that seemed bigger than life. So we had to “take it with agrain of salt” — that is, we could not believe everything he told us.

      My husband has a good job. He makes enough money to support our family. So we say “hebrings home the bacon.”

      He can “cut the mustard” — or do what is expected of him at work.

      It is easy to find my husband in a crowd. He stands almost two meters tall. He is “a tall d

      rink ofwater.”

      I take the train to work. It is not a pleasant ride because the train can be full of people. It is socrowded that we are “packed like sardines” — just like small fish in a can.

      My supervisor at work is sometimes “out to lunch.” She is out of touch and does not always knowwhat is going on in our office. Yet she is right about one thing:

      “there is no such thing as a freelunch”

      – something may appear to be free of charge, but there may be a hidden cost.

      When we fail to see problems at work, my supervisor tells us to “wake up and smell the coffee” –we need to pay more attention and fix the problem.

      I once made a big mistake at the office and felt foolish. I had “egg on my face.”

      Over the weekend, my friend invited me to watch a football game on television. But I do not likefootball. It is “not my cup of tea.”

      We hope this program has given you “food for thought”

      – that is, something to think about.


      Process some food/meat/ the ingredients 處理食物、肉、食材

      Drain the water/juice 把水、汁壓干

      Scrape the dirt off 掛掉泥土

      Peel the skin of the potatoes/apples 把馬鈴薯、蘋果去皮

      Add a cup of water/a spoon of oil 加一杯水、一匙油

      Grate the cheese/carrots 磨碎奶酪、蘿卜

      Garnish the plate with flowers/ parsley 用花、西洋芹裝飾盤子

      Salt the paste water/ soup 把鹽加入煮面圖的水、湯里面

      Combine a and b in a large pot/mixing bowl 把A和B一起放在一個大鍋里、攪拌碗里

      Cook over/with high/ low heat for about two hours 用高溫、低溫煮兩小時

      Let the sauce simmer till the wine has evaporated 用小火煮醬汁,直到里面的酒都揮發掉

      Stir every few minutes until it’s smooth/creamy 隔幾分鐘攪拌,直到均勻、柔滑為止

      Stir two spoonfuls of oil/sugar/melted butter into the mixture 把兩匙糖、油、融化的奶油攪拌進去

      Mix the fruit/chopped vegetables with nuts/ground meat 把水果、切碎的蔬菜和堅果,碎肉拌在一起

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